It's becoming increasingly challenging to succeed in video advertising. Regardless of your message or target group, the production quality is rarely enough to generate results anymore. Even the most elegant video won't guarantee anything if it hasn't been planned with the target group in mind, optimized to suit different distribution channels, and distributed correctly. It's almost impossible for businesses to achieve organic digital visibility.

When it comes to digital content, video advertisements created with the target group or channel in mind are still king. Digital advertising systems make it possible to utilize a vast amount of data, which means that reaching target groups is now easier and targeting ads are more effective than ever before. Comprehensively planned video marketing generates results, whether the goal is to increase brand awareness or sales or to engage customers.
Advertising video

Video advertising engages target groups


Videos are being watched more than ever before, and their growth continues, with no end in sight. The explanation lies in the versatility – videos teach us something new, help us understand phenomena, and entertain us. For marketing professionals, video provides an opportunity to reach target groups with content that stirs emotions, teaches, and raises awareness.

You'll reach the right audience at the right time


Nowadays, advertising platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to target video advertising not only by demographic but also by job, company size, hobbies, interests, and search history. Video marketing allows you to reach the right target groups at the right time and activate potential customers to take the desired action.

Video advertising builds your brand


Standing out with video marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness. Out of all communication formats, video is the most effective for stirring emotions and conveying a message. Video marketing makes branding effective.

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Turku Energia
Turku Energia - Näe kauas
ePassi – Finnair Plus
ePassi - Finnair Plus
Rajala - Canon EOS M6 Mark II
Rajala Camera  - Canon EOS M6 Mark 2
Masterchef katkotunnisteet
Masterchef 2020
Kokkola brändivideo
Kokkolan kaupunki
Perkin Elmer - Pre-Eclampsia
PerkinElmer - Pre-eclampsia
Scanoffice - Aurinkopaneelit
Scanoffice - Aurinkopartneri
Yousician - YouTube-mainos
Yousician - Introduction 
Radio Nova - Esko
Radio Nova - Esko Eerikäinen 
XZ - Mustikka
XZ Mustikka  
Myllärin Kaura ateria-aines
Myllärin - Kaura ateria-aines
Akava - Kahvitauko
Akava - Kahvi  
Philips - Sonicare
Philips - Sonicare 
Lehto Raha - Omaan kotiin
Lehto Raha - Omaan kotiin  
Quickloader brändivideo
Omaeläinklinikka – Miksi koira ontuu?
Omaeläinklinikka -  Miksi koira ontuu?

Other videos and still photography

Are you not quite sure what kind of video content you need or what to expect from video production? Do you require an instructional video or event filming, for example? Maybe you need to work on branding or video marketing in general? Let's get together and create a video concept that makes your wildest dreams come true.

Videos by goal

  • Creating brand awareness and generating leads
  • Explaining a product or service and increasing sales
  • Providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations after the purchase

Why Videolle?

We are a full-service video agency that combines digital channel, strategic, and marketing expertise with high-quality video production. We plan, script, and produce videos ranging from online series to advertising films, from illustrative animations to social media content.

  • We understand the types of videos that work for different digital channels
  • Our design is goal- and target group-driven
  • Our production team ensures quality, agility, and effectiveness

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