Company video brings your story to life

Every business has a story. Whether you need an informative company introduction video or an emotional brand video, an infinite amount of ideas and execution techniques are at your disposal. The most important thing is to tell the story authentically, boldly, and uniquely, in a way that serves your brand and appeals to the target audience.

Planning a company video starts from the core message

As with any other video content, the planning of a company video starts from its purpose. What do you want to accomplish with this video? What is the goal, who does the video target, and where will people be watching it? Because one video can't cover all aspects of a company, a core message, i.e., what you want the viewer to remember, should be defined.

There are many ways to execute a company video

A company video can be a cinematic brand video, mini-document, or atmospheric video ad. The goal, purpose, and main distribution channel determine the most suitable style and execution technique. The story plays an important role in company videos, too; regardless of its style or execution technique, the video must be centred around the story.

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Other videos and still photography

Are you not quite sure what kind of video content you need or what to expect from video production? Do you require an instructional video or event filming, for example? Maybe you need to work on branding or video marketing in general? Let's get together and create a video concept that makes your wildest dreams come true.

Videos by goals

  • Creating brand awareness and generating leads
  • Explaining a product or service and increasing sales
  • Providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations after the purchase

Why Videolle?

We are a full-service video agency that combines digital channel, strategic, and marketing expertise with high-quality video production. We plan, script, and produce videos ranging from online series to advertising films, from illustrative animations to social media content.

  • We understand the types of videos that work for different digital channels
  • Our design is goal- and target group-driven
  • Our production team ensures quality, agility, and effectiveness

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