Documentary videos utilise the traditional methods of documentary films for marketing purposes. The style differs greatly from commercial-like company introduction and brand videos, specifically with regard to sincerity. This is why, first and foremost, documentary videos communicate authenticity. Documentary videos tell stories in a way that conveys people, things, and events as they actually are.
documentary video



A documentary video can also be called a mini-documentary or company documentary. Typically, such a video is a few minutes long. Regardless of its length, the most important thing is to keep the viewer interested throughout the video.




The purpose of a documentary video is to introduce the people of the company and the reason for the company's existence in a relatable way. The documentary-style suits videos meant to highlight the values, approaches, and people of the company or another entity. By contrast, traditional advertising content describes the company and its products or services directly through their benefits, from the perspective of the customer.




Because a documentary video does not use typical advertising methods to publicize a company, it might be more convincing and attractive than traditional video marketing. Rather than utilizing marketing methods, a documentary video gives the viewer space to decide whether they can relate to what they're seeing. If the viewer's values match those of the company, the video can have a huge impact.


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