A customer testimonial video is a great way to tell your company's story from the perspective of the target group. Customer testimonial videos build trust and credibility as the company's product or service is described in the words of one satisfied customer. When you give the customer a voice through a video interview, you provide authentic and meaningful content.
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Customer testimonial videos build trust


Even if the idea behind a product or service is attractive and the company's marketing has brought the customer close to making a purchase decision, that final decision might still seem risky. At this point in the purchasing process, customer testimonial videos can significantly improve conversion, as an objective review by a real customer is relatable and reliable.

Customer testimonial videos lead the customer towards a purchase decision

When the customer's confidence in the company grows, the customer is more likely to follow calls to action. Most customers make their purchase decisions only after checking reviews. This is why customer testimonials play an important role in the customer's purchasing process.

Video interviews convey messages from person to person


A video interview is a multifunctional way to communicate in a human way. In a video interview, the desired message is conveyed by a real person, making it easier to relate to. A video interview can be a customer testimonial, company internal communication, corporate documentary video, impact communication, or employer brand video.

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