With an explainer video, you will increase sales and share information about your product or service

An explainer video is the best way to teach viewers in today's digital environment, where it's becoming increasingly rare to stop and engage with content. This type of video quickly and concisely communicates the benefits of a product, service, or concept. The main points are typically emphasized using text, for example, to help internalize the message. Explanatory videos are typically used to introduce products and services, but they also work when the goal is to explain a complicated topic in an understandable form.

Communicate any message clearly with an explainer video

An explainer video is a diverse tool that can unpack almost anything – from a business idea to the benefits of a software program to the functions of a product – in an understandable way. The length doesn't really matter as long as the video helps your audience understand the message you're trying to convey.

Explainer videos save you time

If you find yourself repeatedly explaining to your customers the functions of a product, the benefits of a service, or the complexities of a concept, an explanatory video might save your business some time. By packaging the message in a concise video format, you will likely succeed in serving your customers even better.

Explainer videos get the message across

Because the digital environment has significantly shortened people's attention spans, a potential customer probably won’t stop to read a long text on social media. This is why a video is a more effective way to explain a topic to the audience and get the message across to the viewer.

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Videos by goals

  • Creating brand awareness and generating leads
  • Explaining a product or service and increasing sales
  • Providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations after the purchase

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